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Dawn Gonzales

Realtor| Coach & Agent Mentor

The Gabriel Group

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(303) 214-8917

Co-Founder & Former Employing Broker at

Colorado Realty Pros (2016-2023)


  • 2012 Licensed as a Colorado Real Estate Broker

  • 2012-(Present) Member of Colorado Association of Realtors® and the National Association of Realtors®

  • 2012-17 Member of South Metro Denver Realtor® Association

  • 2013-(Present) Member of The Christian Real Estate Network

  • 2013 “Rookie of the Year” Award for Sales Production

  • 2013 Two time BOLD graduate

  • 2014-15 Agent Leadership Council Member and qualifier in top 8% of 150+ producing agents in brokerage firm

  • 2014 BOLD graduate

  • 2014 Bronze Medal Recipient for Sales Production

  • 2014-(Present) New Agent Mentor

  • 2015 Agent Leadership Council Member and qualifier in top 12 of 150+ producing agents in brokerage firm

  • 2015 BOLD graduate

  • 2015 Diamond Circle Award for Sales Production

  • 2016 Owner & Co-Founder of Colorado Realty Pros, LLC

  • 2016 Gold Sales Award for Annual Sales Production

  • 2017-(Present) Member of Denver Metro Association of Realtors®

  • 2017 Silver Sales Award for Annual Sales Production

  • 2018 Employing Broker Designation

  • 2018 Silver Sales Award for Annual Sales Production

  • 2019 Silver Sales Award for Annual Sales Production

  • 2020 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award 

  • 2020 Platinum Sales Award for Annual Sales Production

  • 2021 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award 

  • 2021 Silver Sales Award for Annual Sales Production

  • 2022 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award

  • 2022 Silver Sales Award for Annual Sales Production


Serving the real estate community in the Denver Metro area since 2012, Dawn holds an Employing Broker level license in the state of Colorado. She has garnered many awards and honors for sales production during her licensure. This has led to many qualifying opportunities like, maintaining a seat on the agent leadership council for consecutive years with a brokerage firm of over 150 licensees, teaching foundational curriculum to new agents, partnering with executive leadership to provide on-going instruction on legal terms and contracts, authoring an instructional program to coach and mentor new agents to success, as well as, co-founding and managing an independent brokerage firm of 75 agents, all the while equipping this group with critical knowledge for serving the real estate community at large.

As a TOP PRODUCING agent, Dawn is well-known for her excellent communication and follow-through, thorough knowledge of the Denver real estate market, negotiation skills and her ability to make every client feel as though they're the only one that she's serving.

As a MANAGER & MENTOR, she is esteemed for her ability to guide agents through critical contract knowledge and legalities, limiting liability and legal exposure, all while demonstrating systematic guidance over business development and daily practice.

If you were to ask Dawn, "Why real estate?" She'd say, "I'm grateful for the stewardship opportunities that real estate has given to me. I have the incredible task of partnering with individuals, families and agents in accomplishing their goals and dreams. I have been given the gift of creating an incredibly successful business, all the while maintaining the balance of a personal life, where I can actively create memories with my children, granddaughter and extended family. It has provided me the discipline and freedom of a debt-free education for my children (and, in the future, my grandchildren). I appreciate the blessing of giving to my local church body and other non-profit organizations that are equally impacting the lives of others. As a musician and singer, I am blessed to serve in my church worship team and small group ministry. As an investor, it also gives me the opportunity to impact others with the knowledge and gift of real estate in creating a retirement plan. The real estate industry has paved the way for my passions to come alive."

Your partner in Real Estate,
Dawn Gonzales


In loving memory of my late husband, best friend and business partner, who passed away suddenly on 2/17/2021. He was my first Managing Broker and business coach. As a coach, he was incredibly talented at helping others to discover the best version of themselves. As a Managing Broker, he was an educator at heart and wanted to instill a high level of competency and expertise amongst those he led. He held himself to a high standard of business practice and certainly led by example. He was geniune, accountable and was greatly respected and trusted amongst this real estate community in Denver.


We began this adventure together and built a business that we loved. We faithfully served this close community of clients, friends, family and vendor partners. It is in honor of him that I chose to rebrand our business name and call it "The Gabriel Group". The name "Gabriel" in Hebrew, means, "God is my strength." As surely as he now rests with our God and Heavenly Father, I rest in the strength that he left behind for me and in the arms of the God I trust. 

I will carry the torch and continue to serve in thanks to this man who graced my life with so many gifts!

You are forever in my heart!

Gabriel Gonzales

Former Employing Broker


Colorado Realty Pros, LLC

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